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          Commitment, values and practice

          OUR VISIONS

          If our purpose is about why we do what we do then our promises must make clear what we do.

          OUR VALUES

          Each of us at Rotamreddy is driven by the urgency and belief that Good Heath Can't Wait.


          Brand is not just what we say. It is what we do. It is what our customer's experience from us.

          About Us

          We understand the needs of our patients and partners better than others.

          Kunshan Rotam Reddy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (KRRP) is a joint venture between Rotam Group of Canada and Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd. of India. KRRP was established in Year 2000 complying with China laws, situated in Kunshan Economic Technological Development Zone (KETD), which is a state-level investor-friendly development zone with abundant infrastructure facilities and scientific talents. Kunshan is 40 kilometers from Shanghai, the business center of China and the distance is even shortened with the establishment of high-speed railway. All A...