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          Aligning with the working requirements of staffs of all levels and achievement of company development objective, we have established a complete and versatile training system, helping staffs to master basic skills essential and qualified for job content. 
          With the development of the company, we have been designing and continuously updating training courses. We have not only the series trainings of management skills for medium and senior supervisors, but also all kinds of skill trainings for staffs of grass roots. 
          Our trainers also accompany first-line sales staffs to visit customers, providing in-site training. Trainings of all levels provide for staffs with varieties of skills required in workings and assist staffs to carry out career development. 
           •New Staff Orientation Training 
          • Product Knowledge Training 
          • Sales Skills Series Training 
          • Team Management Training
          The development of staffs is one of our essential aims and we are based on below principles: 
          • Encourage internal promotion (horizontal & vertical)
          • Performance appraisal on the basis of facts
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