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          KRRP Board Meeting Concluded in Shanghai Branch
          2009-06-15 14:30

          June 29, 2009, Mr. Satish, chairman of the Board, and other board directors came all the way from India, Taiwan, and other places and aggregated in the conference room of Shanghai Branch to attend the board meeting. After one-day intensified workings, all meeting agendas were smoothly completed and board meeting was successfully concluded.

            In recent years, with the year-by-year growing of profit and day-by-day improving of management level, the Board has been confident in the future outlook of KRRP and decided to strengthen support and macro-guidance to help the company move forward to a higher level. Moreover, due to the constant improvement of China market and rapid expansion of market capacity, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., our parent company and the largest pharmaceutical company in India, has been taking China market as one key position in its global strategy, whose further attention to China will bring for KRRP, the unique joint venture in China mainland, new development scope and expansion space.

            The Board listened carefully to the reports of management team on strategic goal and planning, current status and forecast of sales, marketing and business development, technological upgrading, etc. and raised timely relevant opinions and requests, as well as reached a series of board resolutions. The successful holding of Board meeting has clearly charted for management team direction for workings of next phase and greatly inspired the working enthusiasm of all staffs in KRRP, enjoying great practical significance.

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