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          KRRP Shanghai Branch Opening Ceremony Held
          2009-05-11 14:29
          May 8, 2009 morning, accompanied by red silk and colorful ribbons, champagne and wine, laughter and joy, opening ceremony and inauguration ritual of KRRP Shanghai Branch was held heatedly and formally in Tongda Venture Building, Tianshan Road, Shanghai. The ceremony was hosted by Miss Laurie Lin, Human Resources Manager, and inaugurated by Mr. Narayan, member of management committee, Mr. Michael Zhang, General Manager, and Mr. Wang Xiancheng, GM of Inner-city Distribution Headquarter, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as well as other honorable guests.

            Friends of business circle, visitors of the same field, HODs of KRRP headquarter, and colleagues of parent company Dr. Reddy’s Shanghai Office gathered together in Shanghai to witness the great and wonderful moment. Long-term partners, such as Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Yingte Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., sent flowers and congratulatory messages.

            The establishment of KRRP Shanghai Branch, initiated by company board and management on the basis of new market situation, long-term strategic planning, and practical requirements of S&M department, provides a better platform for KRRP to actively participate in market competition and window to cooperate and exchange with outside world. It is a modern office comprehensively armed with the functions of sales and marketing, commercial and bidding, sales administration, training and development, customer relationship management, promotion, and so on, which will surely enhance company image, optimize resource allocation, attract talented people, broaden business channels, as well as improve revenue and profit. 
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