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          R&D Department Won Title of “Research and Development In
          2008-10-28 14:28

          After being strictly examined and evaluated by Provincial and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and relevant departments, R&D Department of KRRP was awarded the title of “Research and Development Institution of Foreign Investment of Jiangsu Province” by Department of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Province on December 26, 2008. This title is the certificate of certification activities organized by Department of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Province, the purpose of which is to further motivate overseas innovative resources and vigorously promote foreign capital, especially, encourage large MNCs with significant international influence to establish first-class R&D institutions in Jiangsu Province.

          R&D Department of KRRP was established in August 2000 and consists of four divisions: Bulk R&D, Formulation R&D, Analysis R&D, and Regulatory Affair, the first three of which possess independent R&D equipment, apparatus, facilities and laboratories of their own, while the latter one of which is responsible for registration workings of all kinds of new drugs and generics. R&D focuses mainly on therapeutic areas like CV, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, and AIDS, etc. and has achieved fairly good performance. As yet, this institution has got 18 national new drug certificates.

          We believe that under strong support of relevant government departments and correct leadership of the company management, KRRP R&D center will be certain to, with the assistance of technological advantages of two parent companies (India Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. and Canadian Rotam Group), make restless efforts and committed to adhere to the lofty goal of “Lead Healthier Lives” through constant innovation and R&D as well as more new products with higher quality and higher efficacy.                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Dale & Dean)

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