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          North & Centre Area New Staff Induction Training Concluded
          2009-11-13 14:45

          In the early winter of Beijing, cold weather and winter smell are spreading, while new sales staffs of North and Centre Area participating in induction training in Beijing Chongwenmen Hotel are extremely enthusiastic and exciting. During the three-and-half-day training course lasting from November 6 to 9, 2009, everyone is immersed in immense interest, and the lively atmosphere continues to heat up — it is, to a large extent, due to the meticulous planning of Sales Training Department that innovates positively to break through the traditional training mode, warmly invites product managers, promotion managers, and a lot of heavyweight department managers from Marketing Department, Commercial & Bidding Department, Sales Training Department, Finance Department, and so on, forming a large group of “instructors” —super-popular panel of lecturers has brought a lot to this training sessions and the in-site address by Mr. Michael Zhang, General Manager, has added more for the excellent training.
          As introduced by Miss Laurie Lin, Human Resources Manager and Sales Training Manager, this training session presents to the new staffs a multi-faceted and three-dimensional training meal covering rich and wonderful contents like corporate profile, policies and regulations, product knowledge, selling skills, doctor education, business negotiation, market positioning, bidding processes, customer relationship management, etc., through the vivid presentations and personal experience demonstrations of “Manager Lecturer”, in the process of heated discussions and two-way interactions, as well as by way of five parts of “listening”, “speaking”, “reading”, “writing”, and “doing”.
          Mr. Ruben Jiang, RSM of North Area of KRRP with rich experience and amazing sales performance, wholly attended this new employee induction training and he was very grateful to the strong support by company leaders and managers of various departments. “In the market with increasingly fierce competition, solid basic skills and rapid adaptation to market are the key factors for salesman.” Manager Jiang said filled with gratitude, “This induction training of novel mode helps the new sales staffs, in a short time, understand the company’s situation, get familiar with products and services, rapidly integrating into the enterprise; this colorful induction training, assists new colleagues to timely master necessary attitudes, knowledge and skills in the process of sales workings, clearly recognize market positioning, speedily act into the role....With a good team, we are more confident in exceeding the annual target by fortified efforts in the following time of more than one month!”
          Under the hard efforts of lecturers and with the deep-immersion of new sales staffs, this training concluded with perfect ending. It was agreed by all that this induction benefited a lot, especially the learning of main products enhanced new staffs’ technical levels and provided an important guarantee for the smooth operation later on and career development afterwards. Sound operational status and great development potential of KRRP left deep impression to all new employees, who were brimming over with great confidence by the launch of new products, especially by sustainable vision of company’s product strategy. Meanwhile, this training has accumulated valuable experience for the further advancement of Training & Development for staffs and laid solid foundation for S&M Department to find, cultivate, and select talents, as well as improve the core competitiveness and performance effectiveness of sales force. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                           (Wei Xuezhu & Dean)

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