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          Chinese Medical Doctor Association Awarded KRRP Enterprise C
          2009-10-12 14:45

          In the morning of October 9, 2009, over a hundred experts and scholars, representatives of manufacturers and media aggregated together in Beijing Continental Grand Hotel to participate in the Award Presentation Ceremony organized by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), draw conclusion of the successful experience in expert consensus and 100-city project, as well as explore academic development trend in the future, so as to further promote the popularization and development of evidence-based medicine in China.  
          As one important agenda of the conference, Kunshan Rotam Reddy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. appeared on the same stage with Bayer, Novantis, Sanofi-Aventis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, etc., totaling to 8 field well-known enterprises, and accepted “Enterprise Contribution Award” jointly issued by CMDA, CMDA Cardiovascular (CV) Physician Branch, and Chinese Geriatrics Association. It is reported that this award was set to encourage enterprises with significant influences in CV Therapeutic Area (TA) over a period of time and recognize their special contributions made in the activities of 2009 “China Expert Consensus on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment” and “Start Health from the ‘Heart’ ".
          In recent years, as a new force in pharmaceutical market, KRRP has been greatly active in cardiovascular field. Under the strong support of corporate leaders, marketing development team and product R&D team have been paying close attention to the market focus, carefully analyzing and exploring potentials of products, successfully achieving the breakthrough of bringing high-uric acid diseases into CV disease TA and, together with CMDA CV Physician Branch and CMDA Evidence-Based Medicine Professional Committee, launching the compilation of “Chinese Expert Consensus on Diagnosis & Treatment Suggestions to Asymptomatic Hyperuricaemia Combined with Cardiovascular Disease”, which has succeeded in filling domestic treatment gap in this field and promoting KRRP product “Benzbromarone Tablet” (Trade Name: Nacaricin) as gold standard of the industry.
          By the joint efforts of all staffs, sales performance of Narcaricin has reached new high record month by month. This occasion on which KRRP accepted award together with front-line businesses in CV field is more in recognition of our promotion outcomes in CV field, fully shows the all-round improvement of KRRP’s status in the industry, and properly reflects the big leap of KRRP in the cultural constructions of corporate responsibility and social responsibility. In the happy moment of celebration, colleagues of Sales & Marketing Department is determined to take as a brand-new starting point the award-winning, continue to expand market and social influencing of KRRP and its products by dint of tireless efforts, and endeavor to seize new brand heights!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Wincloud & Dean)

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