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          Kunshan Vice Mayor Huang Jian Visited KRRP
          2009-09-30 14:46

          September 28, 2009 morning, Mr. Huang Jian, Vice Mayor of Kunshan Municipal Government, visited KRRP accompanied by Chen Qinglin, Director of Kunshan Food and Drug Administration, and other leaders. General Manager Mr. Michael Zhang warmly received the visiting guests and introduced to them the developing history, operational status and plan for industry expansion of KRRP.
          After carefully listening to the general introduction by Michael Zhang, Vice Mayor Huang expressed his appreciation to the achievements reached and contributions made to local economy as well as expectations for the future development strategy of KRRP. He also raised hosts of pertinent guidance for key issues, such as the development and construction of R&D center and optimization and upgrading of product structure. Moreover, Huang pointed out that Kunshan Municipal Committee of CPC and Kunshan Municipal Government have been further adjusting industrial structure and strengthening preference and support towards high-tech industries like bio-pharmaceutical, and as the leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Kunshan, KRRP should take proper advantage of preferable policies, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, promote independent innovation, as well as enhance core competitiveness, so as to take a new leap forward.
          Michael Zhang, on behalf of company management, extended sincere gratitude to Mayor Huang and other leaders for their care and support and was committed to lead all colleagues of KRRP, adhering to the core values of “Team Collaboration, Pursue Excellence, Trust & Respect, Speed & Efficiency, Integrity & Honesty”, to exploit and innovate in terms of brand building, patent registration, technical innovation, and technology transfer, etc., as well as actively create a harmonious enterprise, making contributions to the great goal of building a harmonious society.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Wang Feng & Dean)

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