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          1.  Natural person or company legal representative with certain economic strength. 
          2.  Be able to provide documents for identity proof and key performance and legal representative    should be equipped with complete
               business qualifications, including three certificates and one license, copy of legal representative ID card, and other documents. 
          3.  Be armed with sound network of regional drug sales and marketing, including mature market sales channels and product terminal sales staffs. 
          4.  Enjoy good market image in the region without any illegal sales behaviors. 
          5.  Agree to accept market supervision of KRRP and provide goods terminal flow list and other documents required by KRRP. 
          6.  Comply with relevant laws and regulations of the country and should not conduct any illegal business. 
          7.  Be capable of aligning with S&M philosophy of KRRP and accept our guidance towards techniques in market sales. 
          8.  Have good reputation to customers in the region. 
          9.  Be equipped with strong sales ability and high managerial level.
          10. Maintain good relationships with local government departments and can help KRRP to carry out social insurance listing workings andother connecting affairs.
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